I saw Katherine a few months back and I must say I was a little skeptical but I was very pleasantly surprised.Almost all of my appointments are with Asian providers and mainly I go for the massage option.I had read an awful lot about Katherine on HA of which some was very good indeed but the odd post not so.But I guess you will never be able to please everyone.Also, Katherine is more a full-service provider than the massage but she had an ad online at the time offering a massage service so I thought I would try.An appointment was easily made via text and at quite short notice.

Katherine was then working from an apartment in the most infamous block close to South Ken station.Her apartment was spotlessly clean and well presented as was she.Katherine is a very accomplished massage therapist and it really was an amazing experience, we did upgrade service wise a little and that was perfect as well. There are many photos online of Katherine and also lists of her services.I would highly recommend.



Review 2 

Hey, Thanks for setting up this community!!

I saw Katherine in that totally unique apartment block.I also usually see Asian girls and to be honest have found the service to be pretty poor in general.Not like the service you actually get in Asia.Katherine was a total breath of fresh air.Her apartment is immaculate as noted and she fed me some wonderfully warming Russian vodka. Katherine is a different class.She is attentive in a positive way and dominates softly.Not overly so, perfectively so.A must see!!



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